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Client Testimonials

Jen Svrcek

Jen Svrcek, Brand & Marketing Director

"Talking with you really helped crystallise thoughts and helped me see what was right in front of me. I'm so busy doing the doing and not making the time to see the forest for the trees. Carving out regular time with you (even if monthly) has actually bought me more time and re-focused my efforts. In one short call I realised the power of engaging with you as my marketing mentor and the power of having an outside set of eyes and ears on my problem. Just by providing your services you've 'shown' me your value. I won't leave it so long for the next coaching session!"

Who we work with

  • Marketing Departments

  • Multinational Corporations

  • Business Owners

  • Start Ups

  • Universities

  • Charities

  • Agencies

  • and many more

Meet Sam Waterfall

Sam Waterfall is in demand as a Brand Marketing Consultant, Executive Marketing Coach and Speaker around the world – he has been featured in the major media and delivered conference keynote presentations and and masterclasses to business owners, business schools and charities.


  • Trusted Advisor to Business Owners, CEOs and Senior Teams
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Executive Marketing Coaching For Senior Leaders
  • Marketing Coaching For Teams
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Funnel Strategy
  • New Brand Creation
  • New Product Development

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