Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Need marketing expertise? Would benefit from having your own CMO? But would rather only pay for them when you need them?
  • That’s how we help small and mid-size businesses around the world with everything from consumer research planning and insight generation to marketing plans and brand activation plans.
  • We even help businesses to recruit the right new brand talent on to your team to help execute the plans we create for your business.
  • Available on a monthly plan or project basis.
Brand Strategy Consulting

  • There’s a lot more to branding than having your own logo. Whether you’re looking to create a brand from scratch, accelerate growth of your existing brand or breathe new life into an old brand, we have insight, experience and tried, tested and proven strategies to help.
  • We can train your brand team, or step in for a few days and help you to create your brand plans. For many of our clients we help recruit the right brand talent to deliver the plans we create with you.
  • Available on a monthly plan or project basis.
Marketing Coaching

  • Need to enhance your in house marketing capacity?
  • Coaching could be the solution for you. We coach Teams / Marketing Leaders / Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.
  • We provide coaching in person at your offices or remotely via Skype.
  • We work with you to define your marketing needs, build capability, develop the right plans and guide you through successful marketing executions. Perfect for entrepreneurial businesses with passion but without formal marketing training, we can help you rapidly develop the essential marketing skills, capability and insight you need.
  • Available in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plans.
  • Available worldwide.
Digital & Mobile Marketing

While it used to be enough to have a website, today businesses, organisations, NGOs and charities need to have integrated digital solutions. It’s not about taking your brochures and business cards online. Rather it’s about a user centric experience which commands attention, builds interest and desire and progressively and simply shows users how to take action and buy.

And with the rise and rise of mobile devices, it’s not just about being mobile friendly or mobile optimised, your marketing needs to be designed for users on the go.

At Obvious Marketing we help our clients understand their consumers’ needs, plan and strategies and ultimately execute mobile marketing campaigns that work.

Our solutions include everything from mobile websites and mobile loyalty punch cards to wi-fi installations and integrated proximity marketing solutions.

Available worldwide.

Available as one off projects or ongoing consulting support.

Mobile App Creation

Today marketing is no longer only a battle of the shop shelves. Brands battle for the mind and your app must achieve dominance on your customers’ mobile home screens. Do you have an app? You need one. If only to hold the space and keep it away from your competitors.

We work with businesses large and small. We create custom apps that bring video, booking forms, loyalty features, and push messaging direct into the palms of your users hands. We work with you to create the intimate brand relationships that win in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

To find out how we can create a custom app to fit your budget, contact us today and book a free strategy planning session.

Available worldwide.

Available as one off app builds or with ongoing support. 

Brand Name Creation

  • Few things are more important than your brand name. It becomes consumers’ critical and enduring touchpoint with your brand.
  • Yet too many companies fail to fully consider how investing the right time and thought into this foundational step in brand can yield huge future rewards. Getting your brand name right can reward you everyday – right up to a higher selling price for your business. Getting a brand name wrong usually means a business fades into obscurity.
  • Our tried, tested and proven “Obvious Naming” approach yields considered options which transforms success for businesses. We’ll also bring experience that means you won’t end up regretting a limiting brand name selection in a few months from now as your business and brand expand.
  • To discuss your brand naming needs enquire here.
Marketing Funnels

  • Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years you’ll be aware than every online brand needs marketing funnels. When you find yourself reaching for your credit card, you’re usually at the end of someone’s marketing funnel.
  • The funnel, as it’s known, is a sequence of webpages which begin by grabbing your attention before transporting you seamlessly and sequentially through various interest and desire builders until you are ready to make a purchase.
  • At Obvious Marketing we use ClickFunnels technology to build marketing funnels for our clients. We start with strategy and understanding your needs and create complete funnels to move your prospects to become your new customers.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Enquire here.
Video Marketing

  • Video is huge online today. It’s an essential part of contemporary marketing.
  • Whether you want a white board video, an animated video, you in a video or an actor in a video, our Obvious Video service will help you to define the purpose of your videos, script them, produce them and market them to the front page of Google and YouTube.
  • Don’t miss out on the power of video marketing – whatever your business.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here
Social Media & Facebook Marketing

  • Social media marketing requires a blend of strategy and execution.
  • Long gone are the days when collecting a few likes and retweets will build your business. Winning in today’s hyper-competitive social media space requires a professional approach.
  • We’ll work with you and your team to understand your objectives and share the same proven strategies, approachs and even the powerful software that we use ourselves.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here
LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn is the world’s first choice platform for professional networking.
  • It’s been said that “if you’re not LinkedIn, you’re left out.”
  • With nearly half a billion professionals networked on the site worldwide it’s regarded as one of the most lucrative hunting grounds for new talent and new business…. But only if you know how to navigate the challenge of lead generation from LinkedIn.
  • We’ll show you what’s working, what’s not and how to set up your personal and company profiles to start attracting a reliable stream of new business, week in, week out.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here
Publicity & PR

  • While advertising is a proven way to stay in the mind of your target, it’s far less effective when it comes to getting noticed.
  • If you’re trying to land a new idea into the minds of your target prospects then you should be focused on results through media and PR. That’s because having someone else introduce your new story is far more credible than paying to do it yourself.
  • But how to you get your story picked up by Google and the major media channels?
  • Our Obvious Marketing Publicity Service “Press Success” helps you with writing your stories, accessing the right media and following up to get the coverage you want.
  • We guarantee you will be featured in Google News and across major media within 48 hours of our releases going public.
  • This extensive media pick up has the added advantage of creating hundreds of powerful backlinks from key news sites to your website – something that Google and the other major search engines love and a proven factor that will rapidly improve your search engine ranking results.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here
Press Release Writing

  • Looking to get your message out to the media?
  • Not sure how to draft your press release?
  • Leave that to us. We have a professional team of writers with years of industry experience. They work directly with you to take your brief and your news and convert it into hot stories which grab the attention of the relevant press and media.
  • This service is ideal if you are announcing a new service, a new product, any kind of launch, any successes, awards or achievements.
  • We can help you take your news and amplify it with the help of the relevant media and news sites.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here
Press Release Distribution

  • “Press Success” is the media distribution service from Obvious Marketing.
  • Whether you’ve written your own Press Release, or used our Press Release Writing service, we have built an enviable list of media contacts to distribute your story to the press.
  • In fact, we guarantee you page 1 Google rankings within 48 hours.
  • We will target keywords of your choice and can even get you featured on sites like Google News, Yahoo! Finance, ABC, NBC, etc.
  • We’ll also provide you with hundreds of high quality backlinks from top media sites to your website. These will provide ongoing traffic for years as well as improving your search engine rankings to push you to the front pages of search.
  • Available worldwide
  • Enquire here



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