Coke Share … And Hit A Marketing Home Run!



It’s been out for a while now (New May 2013) and no doubt you’ve seen it on your social media. Coke have created a set of limited edition bottles which have your name on the bottle.

Well, not just your name. All of our names! The idea being you can see you friend’s name, buy them a Coke and share some happiness. Here’s what Coke have to say about it on their YouTube Channel:

This summer we’re swapping our name with yours. We’re replacing the iconic Coca-Cola logo on some of our bottles with 150 of Great Britain’s favourite names, so you can share a Coke with your friends, family and loved ones. So, who will you share a Coke with? #shareacoke

Not only is it fun, it works! And Coke are benefiting from free social media exposure by the boat load. And there’s more – all the shared pictures are happy smiling faces of  people who’ve been bought at Coke. Well today I got mine.
Source: New feed


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